‘Ratter’ (2015)

As I am writing this I am creeped out, impressed and majorly pissed off.ratter-2015

Ratter is listed on Netflix as a crime drama, but really it’s a total psycho-thriller. It’s a found footage film based on a girl living in NYC called Emma who is being watched by someone anonymous through her electric devices. I found it to be quite the emotional rollercoaster!

At first I found myself feeling a little impatient as I waited for her to figure out that she was being watched. Then once she started to catch on that something was amiss, that was when I really started to feel emotionally invested with this character. This might partially be because not too long ago I watched a series about stalking victims, and it really opened my eyes to the effects that it has on a victim’s mental and physical wellbeing. At this point, Ashley Benson did a pretty good job of accurately conveying the deterioration of a stalking victim’s sense of security.

I was loving it, although I did have to pause and give my sister a quick call when the music box started playing at night. It was creepy, ok?! There’s something about found footage that makes moments like that so much more terrifying. Too real, perhaps.

Anyway as things really started to kick off my eyes were wide, my heart was pounding, and the only thought running through my head was ‘if the film ends here, I’m gonna be PISSED’.

Well, I’M PISSED! Of course it ended there. There is a short clip after the credits but it doesn’t answer any questions so I’m still not ready to make up with it. I’m grudging hard right now.

There are a few questions running around in circles in my mind but after thinking about it, I reckon Director Branden Kramer can get away with fobbing off most of them. However there is just one that goes unanswered that will forever taint my opinion of this film.


It’s not just that it’s left alone to be mysterious, it’s more like the writers completely forgot about that line in the story and therefore never bothered to tie it up.

I’m so disappointed. I was getting so ready to write a glowing review about how this film ticked every box, but now…**sigh** It has left me with a bitter taste in my mouth, that’s for sure.

If any of you have seen it, or go on to watch it, please let me know in the comments what you make of it. I’d be very interested to hear what you think!


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