Wasting Money on Fitness

I don’t have any regrets about the money I’ve spent on gym memberships in the past. The ability to go to the gym whenever I want to makes me happy. I also don’t feel any regret over the money I spent on PT sessions last year because they made me feel more comfortable in the gym, and I learnt a lot about fitness and exercise that still benefits me today.

However, I also have a bad habit of joining ‘fit communities’ and getting caught up in the motivation and inspiration to be fitter, and as a result spending a bunch of money that, with hindsight goggles, I can clearly see was a huge waste. For example, I follow Chloe Madeley on social media. She’s a very blunt, strong, motivational person and she leads by example. I therefore find myself coming across her posts a lot, the communities involved with them, and her promotions. I spent £20 on her diet and exercise plan – if they can do it, so can I! Plus I’d love to look like Chloe, and for just £20 she’ll tell me exactly how to do it! Once I started the plan I realised that it wasn’t really for me, I wasn’t enjoying it at all, and now it’s metaphorically gathering dust on my desktop.

Another thing I have a really bad habit of wasting money on for fitness is workout clothes. It has been drummed into me that if I look the part, I’ll feel the part. However once I actually workout in them I find that they look nothing on me like they do on the women in the pictures, and I’m developing horrendous sweat patches in places that they probably don’t even have sweat glands. ‘Sure they’re tight and unforgiving, but that will just push me to work harder’ – one of the many lies I’ve told myself over the years.

This is something that I’ve thought about a lot, and I think I understand the problem. I don’t know about you, but for me money just isn’t a motivator, in any aspect of my life. When I hear people say “I hate working overtime but I’ll make extra money” I stare at them in awe. I have never in my life been able to drag myself into a job I dislike on a day I shouldn’t be there, motivated by one simple thing – cash. I can’t do it, and it’s the same with exercise.

I’ll happily jump up to take part in exercise that I really enjoy, like boxing or dancing, but when I’m sitting at home being a lazy potato (and looking like one), knowing that I’m spending money on a gym membership, gym clothes, even home equipment, doesn’t cause me to stir one bit. I still feel guilty though…just not guilty enough to put down my burger and remote control.

The worst part is that even though I know this about myself, the next time something comes along that I can throw my money at, I will tell myself the same old lies all over again – EVEN THOUGH I KNOW THEY’RE LIES. The only reason I’ve even chosen this topic this week is because there’s another diet and exercise plan that I’m thinking about purchasing because all the women in its community swear that it has changed their lives and they’re all in it together, and gush about how motivated and inspired they are. In it together? I wonder how many of them will be banging on my door telling me to step away from the pyjamas do some burpees.

**Deep breath**

…but maybe this time it will be different…


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