My Morbid Fascination

One of the many things about me that people find strange is my morbid fascination with tragedy. I love learning about things like Titanic, the Nazis in WWII, and serial killers. I will waste away hours reading online about places like Letchworth Village, and nuclear disasters. I’ve always been this way, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. This week I’ve been on a MAJOR Netflix documentary binge, so for those of you who are also fascinated by the absolutely morbid, here’s what I’ve found so far.

First I watched a film called Conspiracy. I chose it because I thought it was a documentary, but it turns out it’s a film in the style of a documentary. However I love anything conspiracy related so I still enjoyed it. It’s based on two film makers who are working with a conspiracy nut, until he mysteriously disappears. It was good; the two lead actors did a decent job of seeming authentic rather than scripted. Plus it’s based on the idea that the government gets involved with people who are really into conspiracies, which is an notion that I find veeeerrrrry interesting. I believe that’s probably true, and I hope to God that Shane Dawson doesn’t disappear one day as a result of his awesome conspiracy videos on YouTube.

Next I watched a docu-film called Silenced. This followed the stories of three separate whistle-blowers in the United States, and how they were treated by the government and the media. I really enjoyed this one. It’s sad watching these people’s lives be destroyed for exposing the wrongdoings of those in power. It’s a serious reminder that when it comes to politics, we have no idea what goes on behind closed doors.

After that I started a docu-film called Legion about the hacking group, Anonymous, but I got distracted halfway through and wasn’t inspired to go back and finish it. This would probably be a good one for tech geeks.

Next up was a docu-series called Autopsy, which talks about the high profile deaths of celebrities, and the days leading up to them. Episodes feature the commentary of a medical professional and are based on people like Michael Jackson, Robin Williams, and Amy Winehouse. Beware of some daunting images in the Michael Jackson episode, but this series is absolutely fantastic and I really enjoyed it. I’d recommend it if you can get past the awful, awful acting. Beware of the daunting fake nose in the Michael Jackson episode.

When I finished that I moved onto a docu-series called Real Detective, and this has the be my favourite of everything I’ve watched so far. Each episode focuses on one case that actually happened, and features interviews with the homicide detective who claims that the case still haunts them today. All of the cases are tragic, of course, but I have the say the second episode stood out and the final episode of Season 1 really knocked it out of the park. The final episode made me cry a little. I was completely engrossed throughout the entire season, and I wish there was more. Hearing it from the perspective of those who were most involved in the investigations is incredible, and it really opens your eyes to the evil in this world.

Finally (for now) I’m currently watching a docu-series called Captive. Each episode is based on a different hostage situation including interviews with officials and families of those involved, and the acting is MUCH better in this series. I’ve not finished it just yet, but of all the episodes I’ve watched so far I think the first one, based on the Lucasville Prison riot in 1993, is my favourite.

To answer your questions – no I am not interested in being involved in any of this, just learning about it, and yes it is one of my wishes in life to be able to personally interview a true psychopath/serial killer.

Happy watching everybody, let me know what you think!

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