The Fluffs <3

The last time I vlogged was around March I think, when I moved into my house. It’s December now, and every day I have more of an urge to pick up the camera again. I took a break, and it became much longer than I intended. I got so swept up in all of the change that has happened this year that I kept putting it off, and putting it off. Now I feel like I’ve let myself, and my channel, down. I’m disappointed in myself that I didn’t document the on-going medical process, and the travelling that I’ve done, and most of all I regret not documenting the days I got my pets and the months that followed.

Alvia (AL) is my hamster and she came to live with me at 10 days old, around early April. I adore animals, and I was craving companionship but seriously doubting my capability to look after another living thing. I figured a hamster was a good place to start, and it was. By the end of July I felt confident enough to bring another fur baby into my home. I was absolutely certain that when I told Sara and Mike that I wanted to get a dog, they’d tell me I was silly and irresponsible – how could I possibly look after a dog when I could barely take care of myself? On the contrary, they said they thought it would be great for me. They were so right.

pdb-2Dory is a Yorkie, and she came to live with me at 11 weeks old. I’d never had a dog before; I’d been raised with cats. I fell in love with her immediately, and brought her home without a second thought (after paying a LARGE sum of money). She was a mess; her fur was clumped and knotted, she was skin and bones, and once I got her home I learned that she was pooping blood and that she was terrified of everything. I also discovered that the previous owner had lied about worming and flea treatment, and having her microchipped. It quickly became obvious how badly neglected she had been in her previous home and suddenly the money didn’t matter to me anymore, I just wanted to get her better.

Fast forward to now, she’s 6 months old and she’s like a different dog. She’s clean and happy, and delightful to spend time with. Everybody loves her – especially the staff at the vet and the groomer! The biggest reason I regret not documenting all of this is that I missed the chance to catch on film just how much she has changed me, and my life. She has helped to turn everything around; Sara and Mike were right.

I love my little fur family, and I can definitely see it growing in the future. It’s been a learning process but we’re growing together. I WILL start vlogging regularly again before NYE, that’s a promise from me, to me. It really helps me and having spent so long away from it, I know that now, and the fluffs will be right alongside me when I’m ready to get started again.


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